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Help for individuals

You do not need to have children in order to be eligible for SNAP. Many individuals are eligible for benefits. Receiving SNAP benefits can open the door to many other programs, including utility discounts, and free cell phone service.

Information for individuals

  • You do not need to have children to receive SNAP.

  • If you live with roommates, but buy and prepare your food separately, you can apply for yourself alone. You may want to include a Shared Housing Verification Form with your application.

  • If you are under 22 and living with a parent or step-parent, you will need to apply with your parent even if you buy your food separately. If you are under 18 and living with a responsible adult, you need to apply with that adult.

  • There are special rules regarding half and full-time college students.

  • A pregnant woman living alone with income under 200 percent of the poverty level is always eligible for SNAP if she meets the immigration guidelines.

Individuals with Child Support Payments

If you are parent that has court ordered child support payments, these can be counted as expense. 

  • Submit verifications of court order or legal agreement and receipt or proof of payment

Project Bread is an official SNAP Outreach Partner of The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA).

As a SNAP Outreach Partner of DTA, Project Bread's role is to make it easier for people in Massachusetts to get SNAP and help anyone having trouble applying.